Convincing Your Indoorsy Friends To Camp

Camping is a very fun and enjoyable outdoor activity especially if you are going out with family and friends. But there are just some who really don’t like to go camping. This is sad but true since there are people who are known to be “indoorsy”. The good news is that you can make your indoorsy friends change their minds. Here are some of the easy tips that you can use to convince them to go out on a camping trip.

Let them know more about camping.

When you hear the word camping, one of the misconceptions is that you set-up a camp, light fires and do all those activities that you find in survival reality shows and this is something that not everyone enjoys. The truth of the matter is that camping is not just all about that. There are so many things that you can do while you are camping. In fact, you can have have a party, cook together, enjoy good food, have some drinks and play different games. Tell them about the different things that you guys can do on a camping activity. It can definitely be fun and casual.

Entice them with food.

One thing to love about camping is that you get to have communal dining experience not to mention that you can also cook your own food. Tempt and entice your friends who like being at home to enjoy this unique food experience. Instead of just going for a take out, why not experience something new. Entice your friends to go out camping so they can enjoy cooked meals, grilled meat and seafoods, sweet desserts and a whole lot more. For sure, they will change their mind.

Photo Credit: Joshua Neyhart on flickr

Help in the camping preparations.

Planning is difficult especially for first time campers. So, help your friend and take away the hassle of doing the preparations. This is very useful as you can make camping more fun and interesting. In helping your friends, they don’t have any excuse as they do not have to worry about anything but just to say yes. Prepare the schedule, get the food and gas up the vehicle.

Lend them the things they need.

Camping requires you to invest in gear and other tools. For those who have not yet tried going out on a camp, it can be a big impediment. If they do not have any sleeping bags, tents or other camping tools, you can lend a hand and lend them some of your gear. In that way, they no longer have to worry about the things that they need.

Assure them that campgrounds have flush toilets.

Let’s face it whenever you tell your indoorsy friends about camping, they always have fears as to whether they can cope and it is comfortable. For one, there are some who think that there are no flush toilets. The best way is to assure your friends that there are flush toilets and they can have the comforts of home even when they are in the camping ground.

Go out on a day hike.

As with any full course meal, it actually helps to convince your indoorsy friends that they get to have a glimpse or a taste of how it is like to be outdoors. Take them on a nice day hike. When they get fresh air and see nice views, they get to develop a taste for the great outdoors and this is the start.

Go camping in fall or spring.

When going on a camp, select the perfect time. It is advisable that you go camping in fall or spring. Summer is also a good time to camp, but your indoorsy friends might be discouraged with the scorching heat of the sun.

Lastly, ambush your friends as they leave for work on a Friday. Being spontaneous is definitely a good thing, so they no longer have the time to worry and say no.

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