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Choosing A Camp Site – Bryce Canyon

For backcountry campers, there are 8 nice campsites that are located at the Under-the-Rim Trail and also 4 campsites located at the Riggs Spring Loop Trail. These locations are perfectly situated at high elevations raging from 6,800 ft. to more than 9,000 ft. Campers who want to, can stay there overnight. But just before you […]

Campsites At Bryce – North and Sunset

Bryce Canyon National Park is considered to be one of the most popular destinations among local and foreign tourists. With its majestic and natural landscape, it has a lot to offer to its guests apart from sightseeing. Bryce Canyon is also a perfect spot for those who want to set-up their camp, spend time with […]

Convincing Your Indoorsy Friends To Camp

Camping is a very fun and enjoyable outdoor activity especially if you are going out with family and friends. But there are just some who really don’t like to go camping. This is sad but true since there are people who are known to be “indoorsy”. The good news is that you can make your […]

Camping And The Forgotten Rules

When you are in the camping site, you have to follow the rules and regulations. These rules are created for everyone to see. However, there are rules that are not discussed. Certain rules are not even written, yet it is expected that you follow these unwritten rules. To have an enjoyable and hassle-free camping experience, […]

Camping Creates Happiness

Camping is a great outdoor activity for everyone from friends to family members, it is not just about tents and that feeling when you are rolling out your sleeping bag or when you are at a campfire eating food. Various studies show that camping actually makes you happier and there are reasons behind this theory. […]

Camping In The Summer – With Kids

Most people would prefer to go camping during fall or spring. But for kids, summer season is the time for camping since kids are out of school and you get the chance to take some days off work. For kids, summer is the perfect season since the weather is pleasant and it is very sunny. […]

How To Make Camping Fun For Kids

Camping is definitely fun. With all the different activities and other things that come into it, adults would often take the time to find the best camping sites where they can set up their tent and enjoy the outdoors. But camping is not just for adults, even kids can enjoy it. The challenge now is […]