Camping And The Forgotten Rules

When you are in the camping site, you have to follow the rules and regulations. These rules are created for everyone to see. However, there are rules that are not discussed. Certain rules are not even written, yet it is expected that you follow these unwritten rules. To have an enjoyable and hassle-free camping experience, it helps that you know the camping rules that are forgotten and even unknown.

Camping Sign
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Quiet Time

Few may not be aware but there are actually certain hours in camping sites where there is a so-called “quiet time”. During this period of time, you should keep any kind of noise to a minimum. Unfortunately, few people are aware of this rule. Be aware of this rule and do not play any music too loudly. You would not want for other campers to come to you and request to minimize the noise.When you are playing any music, even if it is not quiet time, you should be aware of your surroundings. Some people do not like to be disturbed so you should be careful whenever you play your music. Set the volume for you, not the people around you, since you do not want to cause any problems with other campers nearby.

Find the right place to do dishes.

Whenever you go to the bathroom in campgrounds, you often notice that there are some people doing their dishes. This is something that most people are not comfortable seeing, but then again there are still people who do it. Cleaning the dishes especially if it is not in a kitchen is definitely a big no.
But you can do dishes even when you are in a campsite. You just have to be aware of the surroundings. You do not just use any soap. Make sure that your choice of soap is biodegradable and it is suitable for outdoor use. The next step is to search for a place where the water will not leak.

Do not bring your own firewood.

If you are planning to have fire at the camping site, you do not have to bring with you your own wood. This can actually cause more damage than what it appears to be especially since you can bring bacteria and insects with these woods. So, it helps that you just buy firewood in the place where you want to camp.

Taking Care of Your Pet

In deciding to take your pet with your in camping ground, you cannot just let your dog to go into the woods and do their thing. Some may think that there is nothing wrong with that. But then again, even if you let your dog wander into the woods, you still need to clean the waste. Keep in mind that you have to be aware of the fact that you want to maintain cleanliness in the ecosystem.

Do not leave food at night.

Camping is a perfect setting where you can enjoy your meals in a fire setting. Most of the time campers just enjoy their food, pass out and end up leaving the food behind. If you are in a camping ground, make sure that you do not leave any food behind as this may attract animals and can be really dangerous.
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Camping Creates Happiness

Camping is a great outdoor activity for everyone from friends to family members, it is not just about tents and that feeling when you are rolling out your sleeping bag or when you are at a campfire eating food. Various studies show that camping actually makes you happier and there are reasons behind this theory.

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Physical Activity

All camping trips will require certain level of physical activity and this is something that you cannot avoid even if you want to have a relaxing camping trip. Engaging in physical activities can be considered as exercise which is essential in getting rid of stress. When you go out on a hike or when you help in setting up the tents and other things in the campsite, you actually exert sweat which in turn releases endorphins. These are so-called happy hormones.
Get to breathe fresh air. In the city, it is as if we feel suffocated with the environment. Many would want to break away from the stress and the hustle of city life even for a short period of time. You get the chance to take deep breaths and to feel that fresh air touches your skin whenever you are in a camping site. It feels better inside as you get cleaner oxygen not to mention that this can actually result to more happiness as fresh air is definitely good for the health.

The Value of Teamwork

No one is an island and this is something that you will learn during camping. Although there might be some who would want have their own time, most would go camping with friends and loved ones. That is why with camping, you get the opportunity to work with other people. This can boost serotonin and oxytocin that can make you happy. In a camping activity, you can do various things with other people from setting up a tent to cooking meals.

Feel Good Chemicals

Getting out of the usual routine and breaking away from the monotony of life, it helps that you go outdoors and go camping. There are just a lot of feel good chemicals that you can experience when you go camping. You get to see the flowers bloom, the wildlife and the natural beauty. This is something that can set the right mood and can make you more joyful.


In camping, there are tons of memories that you can create when you take photos. The experience when you go camping and the memories that you create, these happy memories will forever be cherishable. Whenever you make new memories, it makes you happy as you tend to forget the bad ones.
With all the benefits that you can get when you go camping, there is no reason not to love camping activities. This activity allows you to spend time with your loved ones, witness the natural beauty of nature, and be happier. So, whenever you get the chance, take time to go out camping, enjoy the sun and live happily.

Camping In The Summer – With Kids

Most people would prefer to go camping during fall or spring. But for kids, summer season is the time for camping since kids are out of school and you get the chance to take some days off work. For kids, summer is the perfect season since the weather is pleasant and it is very sunny. Here are some useful tips that you can use:

Find the perfect spot where you can set up a camp.

Find a place under the trees, so you get to have a cover and a shady area to avoid too much sun exposure. If ever you find it difficult to find a shaded area, make sure that you bring along a canopy tent to hang out under.

Wear the proper attire and bring extra clothes.

Since it is really hot during summer, you need to have the right clothing. Go for light-colored clothes that are suitable for summer season. Bring caps and hats to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Bring a fan that is battery powered.

One of the downsides of camping during summer is that the weather is really hot and humid. It is something that you cannot avoid even if you set a camp in a shady area. Make sure that you bring a fan. At night, you can enjoy the natural and cooler breeze if you remove the rain fly of your tent.

Always have ample water with you.

During summer season, there is a tendency for people to get dehydrated especially when you are sweating a lot and doing certain activities. Take along with you enough water, ice and other kinds of beverages. You can just keep them in your cooler.

Prepare the food/meals that you need.

Go for foods that would not easily get spoiled like grilled chicken, sandwiches and vegetables.

Plan the details of your camping activity.

Before the actual camping date, it helps that you have already planned the details. In the morning go for a hiking or biking activity when it is still not that hot. In afternoon, you can have swimming/water activities.

Wear sunscreen all the time to protect your skin against the harmful rays of the sun.

Camping with Brothers
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Camping during summer season is definitely fun although you may have to experience some challenges. But with the help of these tips, you can still have a great time outdoors despite the heat of the sun.